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Our service

Carefree, a green balcony all year round.

For a fixed amount per month, our balcony owners take care of your balcony. Put together your balcony set and be surprised by the effect of flowers and plants on your balcony. If the season changes, your balcony will change with it. We also give you plant changes; in both spring and autumn we deliver plants that suit the season.

So you can enjoy a beautiful and green balcony all year round!

A green balcony from € 13.30 per month:

- Premium planter with extra large water reservoir and carefree watering system.
- We deliver and install the planters on your balcony.
- Strong plants with the right nutrition for optimal flowering.
- Plant change in spring (April) and autumn (October)- Green Balcony Guarantee from us!

Extra option: Your planter on a steel stand (+€ 3 per month).
We have developed our own steel frames that are suitable for outside on the balcony (treated against rust). We have these in two sizes (including planter 70 cm high and 50 cm high). Nice to combine.

The large water tank with water meter makes taking care of the plants a breeze.

Our planter has an extra large water reservoir (3 litres). Because of the water meter and a separate filling shaft, taking care of the plants is a breeze. Make sure that you fill up the water weekly when the weather is warm, this way your plants will never be dry!

Directly from the grower, the best selection, on your balcony.

Together with our growers we put together a beautiful combination of strong plants every season. 
At our house grower's the plant containers are filled and grown in optimal conditions for a few weeks, so that the plants are well rooted and can bloom strongly on your balcony.