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How do I order planters for my balcony?

You can easily order your planters online, you do that here. Enter your zip code to see if we deliver in your region. After placing your order we will contact you to schedule a delivery/installation moment. Our balconeers will install the planters on your balcony and will be happy to tell you more about the plants.

Do your planter hooks fit around my balcony railing?

We are sure we can fix it! There are more then 101 types of railings, but we have a solution for almost all types of railings. Are you in doubt? Please contact us!

Do I really get a green guarantee? How does that work exactly?

Yes - Sir/Mom! In the assumption, you water the plants correctly. We are specialized in balcony/terrace plants and their nutritional needs. This way we know how to keep your balcony green. Our planters have a very large water reservoir (3 litres), so in hot conditions, you don't have to water daily, but weekly. Via the water gauge, you can visually see if the planter needs more water.

If despite the fact that you water the planters correctly, the plants are no longer in good condition, please contact us on 020 - 21 01 081 or by e-mail (info@upperbloom.nl). Then we will come by as soon as possible to carry out a plant swap.

Can I choose which plants I want in my balcony planters?

No, we are afraid that's not possible. Based on the season and your balcony situation (the amount of sun - we ask this during the ordering process), we determine with our experts which plants will best fit on your balcony. If you really have a specific wish you can always let us know and we will see if we can take it into account when filling your planters.

I have Upperbloom planters on my balcony. When an I expect to receive new plants?

We've split the year in two. At the end of April (when the night frost is out of the sky) we will do the plant swap for spring/summer. Around October we will do the plant swap for autumn/winter. We choose the plants that will be beautiful on your balcony during this period.

More plant swaps next to the predefined swaps are possible, and if you have that wish, we will be happy to arrange this with you! Please contact us.

I don't want to wait for the upcoming plant swap, can you swap my plants for new ones in the short term?

Our monthly service fee includes two plant changes per year. This allows us to guarantee a green balcony. If you would like an extra plant swap, please call 020 - 21 01 081 or send an e-mail to info@upperbloom.nl for more information.

I already have planters! Can you just get the plants for me?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. We work exclusively with our own planter.

What is the minimum contract duration?

We do not have a minimum contract duration and the subscription can be canceled daily with one month's notice.

If you cancel your contract within 12 months, we charge € 15,- once. If you terminate your contract after 12 months, we no longer charge a one-time fee.

I would like to adjust my delivery time, how do I do that?

You can adjust a delivery time up to 2 days before delivery. If your delivery is scheduled on e.g. Thursday, you can change it until Tuesday 23:59. Call 020 - 21 01 081 or send an email to info@upperbloom.nl with your current delivery time and we will make it happen.

Are you installing the planters outboard too?

We have a lot of confidence in our planter holders/hooks, but as a precaution, we will never install planters 'outboard' for you on the balcony.

Don't have a gift code, but do you feel like a gift?

We got your back. Use giftcode: magiktocheencadeau.

Your question not here?

Call 020 - 21 01 081 or give us an email info@upperbloom.nl.