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About us


The Idea
In the summer of 2018 Sam received a nicely filled planter from his mother which could be hung on the balcony railing. That was surprisingly cool! Rapidly the whole balcony was in bloom; 'The gift that keeps on giving!

The arrival of plants on the balcony had an impressive effect. The balcony changed into an attractive place that was used more and more often, brightening up the view from the living room.

Sam went into more depth in flowers and plants, and gained knowledge from growers. In addition to his full-time job, he started filling plant containers on a small scale himself, which he sold at markets and via his website. From various angles there appeared to be interest in a service for beautiful plants on the balcony.

In Tom Sam found an enthusiastic partner with whom the idea grew into the professional service that Upperbloom now stands for.

Together with our growers and trade specialists we develop new compositions for the planters every season to surprise our users every season.

Responsible entrepreneurship
In addition to providing the best plant service for the balcony, we also think about the impact we make as Upperbloom.

The basis of our service model is circularity - maximizing reusability and minimizing waste. In this way, we exclusively use high-quality products with a long service life. This enables us to reuse our products, such as planters, which are made from recycled plastic, among other things. The plants that return after a change are also reused or composted.

We work together with a grower who has an eye for the vulnerable people in our society. The work, such as filling, caring for and growing the planters, turns out to be very suitable for people with a distance to the labour market.

We are convinced that a beautiful balcony with plants contributes to the enjoyment of living and social cohesion in the neighbourhood. For example, we have noticed that plants on the balcony encourage residents to make more use of their outdoor space and that neighbours become enthusiastic about bringing more greenery into their homes.

We are very proud of the product we work with; a living product that only becomes more beautiful as it grows.

To this day, we still stand on our users' balconies. This is how we learn first-hand how we can improve our service. We are always open to ideas or advice.

See you soon!

Sam en Tom.