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Beautiful plants on your balcony all year round.

Starting from €13.30 per month.

At a fixed price per month you can enjoy the most beautiful plants on your balcony all year round.


Delivered and installed by our balconeers.

Start with your plant set

What we do for you.

Carefree enjoyment

Our clever planter takes care of your plants in the best possible way. All you have to do is enjoy.

Let yourself be surprised

Twice a year we give you the most beautiful flowers and plants. Be amazed by the beautiful colours of the season.

Compose your own balcony set

You can compose your own balcony set completely according to your wishes! Turn your balcony into a unique and pleasant spot.

The balkoneer on your balcony

Our balconeers will deliver and install your balcony set for you. If something's wrong, they'll be happy to help you out!

A plant change twice a year

From summer to winter, and from winter to summer? Your balcony changes too.. Let yourself be surprised by the new set of plants!

Nergens aan vast

Je zit nergens aan vast bij ons. Je mag opzeggen wanneer je wilt.

Jouw balkon, jouw straat, jouw buurt.

Groen maakt een verschil. Letterlijk.

City image

Een balkon met mooie bloemen en planten is een feest om naar te kijken. Hier geniet iedereen van!